Detroit’s hero The Nain Rouge sparks many questions, here you will find some answers!

Who or What is The Nain Rouge?

People will tell you many things about who and or what the Nain Rouge really is but the story is fairly long and complex with multiple cultures rewriting and re-crafting history.

Why does The Nain Rouge do bad things?

Nain does not do bad things and is not a force evil.
The idea that the Nain Rouge is evil or causes evil is a false narrative created by ill-formed hyperbolic individuals who seem to find the repression of Nain Rouge’s true character more beneficial than the actual history of the Nain Rouge. The Nain Rouge’s original charge as herald of bad-tidings has been crafted into a warped version wherein the Nain is actually the cause of the misfortunes. This falsely-fostered story not only does a disservice to our maligned hero but to the city of Detroit, the state of Michigan and our shared history. Nain is NOT the cause of unhappiness but the ancient warning sign that distress may be ahead of us.

Why do people hate The Nain Rouge?

People hate, or hold disdain for, the Nain Rouge mostly because they know only what they’ve heard through one biased channel or another. History is written by the side that wins and so history is in itself biased. As a country settled by Europeans our history books have been influenced, rightly or wrongly, by the writers who mostly cast their own people in a bright light of victory. With time and perspective it becomes clear that much of our history is far more complicated than at first thought. When it comes to history blended with folklore the waters become even muddier. In reality though, the more complicated an issue the more likely it is that people will simply accept the easiest answer; after all who wants to take all the time finding out real history when a created one can be placed on a plate in front of you. It is only partially the fault of the people themselves when the Nain is cast in a dark light; the other, larger fault, comes from those who promote what is incorrect and refuse to accept the truth.

What about The Marche du Nain Rouge?

We agree that Nain Rouge should have a parade but we feel that it should be in honor of The Nain Rouge not to act as a symbolic way to rid the city of its age-old guardian. The Nain has been a resident of Detroit for longer than any of us and the spirit of the Nain will continue long after we’re gone. Let’s all celebrate the centuries old heritage of Detroit by lifting the Nain up as an example of how we can all work together to make our community better. Detroit has a history of standing up for the “little guy” so Nain is a perfect representation of the good we can do as a fully-formed, happy, well-adjusted city. Be like Nain, and watch over our city!

Does any of this Nain Rouge stuff really matter?

Sure the city of Detroit and its citizenry have larger issues than heated debates about The Nain Rouge but our protector is a part of our shared history. Our hero is a force for goodness, kindness and its true nature acts as an example of what we are capable of when we are at our best. The city of Detroit has uncountable wonderful aspects that should be shared with the world to overcome the negativity which has been wrought upon our home for decades. The Nain Rouge is the best part of ourselves. It is a caring ever vigilant hero who creates a safe and loving community. Not many cities have a centuries old guardian and as ours The Nain Rouge reminds of our past, so that we do not repeat mistakes, nurtures our present and guides our future.

How can I help support The Nain Rouge?

To be honest, you’ve already started helping support our hero by learning the truth about The Nain Rouge. Now, if you really want to get active spread the word to all your co-workers, friends and family. How about making some flyers or stickers and passing them around? You can march in protest with us on the day of the Marche du Nain Rouge, please be friendly to the ill-informed you were one of them too, also Nain is a kind protector so it would hope that people would be kind to each other. You can also help support the real Nain Rouge by picking up litter, helping those in need and spending a little time every week to make our city safer, healthier and more vibrant.

How can I learn more about The REAL Nain Rouge?

The following are a list of books, articles and so forth that can help expand your understanding about The Nain Rouge.Where all the European influenced nonsense and misinformation comes from:

  • Legends of le Detroit (1884) Marie Caroline Watson Hamlin
  • Myths And Legends of Our Own Land (1896) by Charles M. Skinner

The original myths and legends about the spirits who guard our city and state.

  • Stories the Iroquois Tell Their Children (1917) Mabel Powers
  • The Indian Fairy Book From the Original Legends (1869) Cornelius Mathews
  • The Indian Fairy Book From the Original Legends (1916) Henry R. Schoolcraft
  • Canadian Fairy Tales (1922) Cyrus Macmillan
  • Tales of The Little People: Eight Native American Legends of Elves, Dwarves and Fairies (1915) Edward Cornplanter