2017 Unifying against Fear!

Neither rain nor wind nor the jeers and fear of the misinformed can hinder our love and support of Detroit’s much maligned ancient guardian The Nain Rouge. Every year as we move through the crowd, answering questions about our hero, we bring more and more people into the fold with our message of acceptance and fun.

Promoting Cheer not Fear

As the uninformed walked the streets of Detroit screaming and waving fists we chose to smile, hug and fill the streets with hope and praise! Though rain dampened the spirits of some we brought umbrellas to hand out to the crowd! Like our hero, The Nain Rouge, we saw the potential for soggy citizens and worked to make the day brighter! As the crowd reached their pinnacle of loudness, screaming at a Nain Robot(?) we chose to engage with the crowd over candy and free stickers.

Standing Tall for The Small

Though our numbers may be far fewer than the crowd our spirit is growing every year. We thank everyone that showed up to support the short and we will see you, and more, again next year!

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