2016 A great success for Nain Rouge!

Success was ours! Once again WE ARE NAIN ROUGE walked the Marche de Nain Rouge alongside thousands of people and we made our voices heard. People, as always, were excited and pleased to hear a different narrative about The Nain Rouge other than the “evil” creature so commonly depicted!

Success in Stoppin Nain Rouge Shaming!

More than a dozen supporters of Nain Rouge engaged in a fun and informative manner with the crowd who were, mostly, in good spirits. We couldn’t help but feel there were some changes in the language being made by the event which seemed to show that there is at least room for deeper understanding of Detroit’s ancient guardian! Thank you to everyone that came out and remember to embody the Nain Rouge all year long, look out for your neighbor, keep your eyes open for trouble and let’s make Detroit a city that everyone can continue to be proud of!

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